When im tumblr, and i see a handy cap person or who maybe be ill and ALL i see in the post

you can fill your blog with girls in skimpy clothes, or shirtless boys, but not people like this.


" you dont have a heart if you dont reblog this photo"

What’s your point? When i see it,obviously i am going to reblog it. But when these type of people say “stop scrolling and reblog something that matters” it’s pathetic because your claiming me not clicking a button OVER THE MILLIONS THINGS I COULD DO TO ACTUALLY HELP THESE POOR PEOPLE ( like maybe donating or giving awareness about the the situation of this person ) you choose to somehow manipulate people into doing something that maybe they dont want to do. If i were too see ” please reblog to show awareness of this poor child” i wouldnt hesitate to reblog. You might think ” well than maybe you can just take off the text”, i rather leave what was original of the post. 

Stop posting things in manipulating was and just have KINDNESS .  

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